Wednesday, June 9, 2010

B from E, Badger, and Tony D. hanging out Thrusday morning waiting for the rides to leave.

The daily schedule. Brillo's lecture wasn changed to a seminar on "charm", I'm sure there will be a lot of vroc'ers in attendance for this one!

Skid is pretty anal about checking his tires. A good habit. He even wiped off a out half of one side of his front wheel this morning, a big step for him in the clean up department :-)

Six Pack ride in on his georgeous Yellow Wing. He's displaying his new riding boots, by Honda.

Just through the gate on the way to Mesa Verde. Some of us old guys had park passes, which make it nice. The road all the way to the cliff dwellings is under construction, it was a rough, but pleasant ride.

Several construction sites on the almost 20 miles into the points of interest.

My 3rd time to visit here, and it's just as spectacular each time. So much unknown history, but it's fun to speculate.

This is the house Kokopelli lived in for the short time he visited Mesa Verde. He replenished his sack of corn, and overhauled his flute while here.

Tony D. almost looks like a tourist!

Tom Miller, Skid and Sandy, Ice Cream and Tony D.

We had 13 bikes make this ride today, here are some of them.

There are some very nice displays inside the visitor's center. I took pictures of a lot of interesting things, but will only post this one.

Ice Cream, Skid & Sandy, Six Pack Jack and Randy's backside.

I'm PROUD to be an American! One of those days when you want to forget the changes that are happening, and just be happy!

Nice rock formation on the way up the mountain to the Mesa. Before long, we were looking down on this!

Skid and Ice Cream in my rear view mirror.

Thursday morning in the breakfast room.

Several people are trailering in this year.

Carl and Ed Anderson from Kingman rode in on their beautiful and spotless clean Vulcan Classics

Brillo and Deb drove this year. They gave up motorcycles for this Corvette!

Sandy and Tom Miller at Wednesday night's dinner.

A few of the 13 people that ended up eating at Jack and Janelle's had the chicken fry. I was good, and Tom Miller had already been eating on this for awhile!
Sandy's meat load. She ALMOST ate the whole thing!
The first dinner for us, Wednesday evening.

Tony D., Vinnie, Tom and Sandy
Mal and Yvette visit with Mal's friend Heidi, who now lives near Cortez. She brought them some Mead which is a honey wine sort of drink.

Tom Miller, Six Pack Jack and Randy (Rainman)

Three bikes with the same plate! There are a couple others here too, maybe more.

Kioti's vroc Vision.

Sherm's vroc Harley

Skid's vroc Gold Wing

Kicking tires Wednesday evening.
Let the visiting begin!

The lady in the red shirt is Mrs. Hunnycut. She and her husband have been Rodeo owners/promoters for over 40 years. They have been extra's in several movies, and their livestock has been used by many Hollywood producers. They are staying in the same motel as our Kaw Pasture. Lots of the rodeo performers will be here too. We may have a VROC night at the Rodeo on Friday.

A warm evening, the parking lot has little groups gathering. The young lady is Cheap B's 13 year old Grandaughter.

Mark Hicks (Mr. Clean or Cheap B.) is checking out the "T's" in the Jail house.

Malachi's breakfast..looks good.

I had the "Cajun Style" bacon and egg breakfast. The toast was wonderful, and the bacon to die for. (and it could work) :-)

John (Flying Willy) and his lady friend stop in the Jail House to eat. We're in Moab, UT.

Malachi visits with Ham and RG. They stayed in Moab last night too, but in a different motel. Looks like the PNW will be well represented this weekend!Ham's Goldwing, John's Harley, and the Sherm truck and Harley. We're on the way to a Vulcan rally! Parked in back is Skid's Wing, Malachi's Concours, Vinny's Yamaha, Yvette's Virago (her other bike), AND Mark's Vulcan and Yvette's Drifter....

A little on the expensive side, but it was a GREAT breakfast! This building was built in 1885, and was the first Courthouse in this county. The kitchen that is in operation now, has 2 foot thick adobe walls, and used to the the count jail cell. Lots of history here, and good food too.

Built in 1945, this restaurant and rooms was a favorite dining and drinking spot for the many movie actors that were here making westerns in the Canyon Lands. It was a real hot spot for the locals too. Now a nifty tourist attraction.

Our friends from Sharon Trailer Sales made this Original Dart. This folks are from South Carolina.

Joe and Mark check out this cool jeep.

Brillo is still here playing golf. Looks the same as when I posted a picture like this last year:-)

Hole in the Rock stuff.

Lots to see here, and unless you take the tour through the buildings inside the rock, it's all free

Hey Mike! Is this the way it works?

People still live in these rooms.

Big Indian, and little Kokopelli.

A cute, fat, little Gecko. He's the local insurance agent.

And, here's his big brother!

The pretty entry way. It's still in the shade..

The VROC parade, from Moab to Cortez.

Who are these tourists?

This on was an accident.

This one was on purpose.

Not the Delicate Arch, but a nice arch anyway... Taken on the fly through the truck window.

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