Friday, June 11, 2010

Looks like a good deal to me! :-) (now, who would put up a sign like this on a perfectly good honda?)

Brillo's Corvette had a little ice on it this morning.

Parking lot in the Kaw Pasture. Some folks have left already. We may cancel our planned ride to Durango this morning.....

Who is this tattooed man?

Skid and Sandy..

Scott & Margo

Badger, Vickie and Susan

Vickie and Susan

Don (vsp), Flyin' Willy and Leslie

Six Pack Jack, Randy, Don, Sandy, Elyse, and the Racoon.

Mal, Joel, Mark, Sandy and Elyse

Chuck, Mrs. Knoll, and Tracy.

Taz is wondering what all the excitement is about.

Maxxx, Mal, Joel and Susan.

Tinker came from Albuquerque! Good to see him!

I had one of these last night, and it was so good, I fixed another for this evenings meal.

The lovely Kirstin and Tinker.

Afternoon visiting.

Vickie is busy removing baffles from her pipes. There is a rattle in there that she's trying to find. Good farm girls know how to do these things!

Hotsauce entertaining Taz..Exercise is good!

UteMike just rode in. He's been riding his V-strom 1000 all over the back country. He dumped it in a river this morning. And, later, he found a snake coiled up around the frame..His bike is pretty dirty. He graduated from the "Skid school of Bike Detailing"!!! So good to see so many people here!

Utemikes's bike. He's getting a lot of use out of it!
We just had a Thundershower go through, so some of the dust is gone. The main ride is still out, hope they didn't get hit too bad with the rain. Didn't last long. I just saw Rogue come it, I better to meet and greet :-)

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Joel (Waterman) and Don (VSP)

Tom (tc) and Scott (Hotsauce)

Mark (Browntrout) and Jack 4E

Chuck (Mac Guy)

Tracy and Slick. I think Tracy's new nic could be "American Honey" At least that's what was in the bottle! :-)

Jack's back, and Kiwi Brothers, Clive and Howard (Jazz)

Lanny (Biglefti) Scotty and Tom Miller.

Lanny and Bill (Cranky)

Jazz said that since Toa couldn't be here, he sent his girlfriend along.

Lanny and 13 year old grandaughter, Patience.

Tom visiting with Trouble.

Steve (Piper) and Joe (Badger) checking out the Voyager.

Barbara and Sandy. The happy camera ladies........

Jack and Brian. Brian is on the staff at Kawasaki. He rode in on a new Voyager.

Barbara and Brian. Wow, not even a "goofy Barb" photo! :-)

Teri is the Accelerate Magazine Editor and also a ROK representive. She's here with her friend John.
Hotsauce and friends

B from E, Jamey T. Scotty and Trouble
Susan (Zmean1) Surprised a lot of people by showing up here. She had cancelled due to a medical problem with Mom-in-Law, but it turned out all right, so with Husband Greg's blessing, she jumped on her bike in Florida, and rode all the way to Cortez, CO, all by herself. She and Margo are having a good reunion!

Howard rode in on one of the 4E V-Stroms
Clive came all the way from New Zeland.
Howard (Jazz) has spent a lot of time flying and riding in the last week!
Jamey T, Tom Miller and Jazz.
Randy, Skid, MoParMan, and Mark (Mr. Clean or Cheap B)

Margo has a nice shirt :-)

Susan looks like the "Cat that caught the Mouse" :-)
Taz get's along with everone.

Scorpion~ came in for a day. He's traveling with a friend that he's known since the 6th grade in Salt Lake City!
A vroc greeting. Scorp and Skid. Yvette, Jamey T, and Malachi look on.

Mike and Lisa ride in from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Sandy and Lisa.

Mark and Grandaugher Elyse

My "one time through" the salad bar at Jack and Janelle's. It was as good as it looks!

David (Ice Cream) and Sharon, Mark and Elyse and Slammer.

Dinner at Jack and Janelle's.
Our group took up 3 or 4 tables.
Randy's hat is becoming his trademark. Fits in well in this part of the country. Lots of outdoor people wandering around in the mountains of Colorado.

Susan, Tom and Zeke.

The Kiwi's with Mal and Yvette are having a reunion.

Kaw Pasture parking lot at the Super 8

Brillo and Deb.

Slick and Tracy. Right off the bike from a long, hot day of riding.

Don has saved some of his golf shirts for riding.
Ute Mountain Rodeo. The 80th anniversary here in Cortez. Several of the VROC'ers attended the Thursday night event.
Shoots and the announcer's booth.
The opening ceremony was very patriotic! I just loved it!

One of the kid's events was sheep riding. Some of them did very good. Youngest was 3 years old!

John and Tracy cleaned up and ready for the evening fun!

Jack Foree. One of the "VERY GOOD GUYS" Sure nice to see Jack and Barb here!

Barb said this is her "stern school teacher" look. She doesn't look too freightening to me:-)

Mark Brown rides in on his KLR 650. He has it all set up for adventure touring, Mark rode all the way from Georgia, with only 50 miles of interstate highways, and did over 1000 miles of dirt and gravel roads.

Susan visiting with Joel.
Howard on Yvette's beautiful drifter. He's getting ready to ride up the Million Dollar Highway, and will be going over an 11,000 foot pass. So, he's all bundled up.
Don (VSP) and Tony D. Good friends come in al sizes!

Tony D. is getting ready to lead the ride today. They will be gone 7 or 8 hours.

Lanny and Patience hooking up the audio system.

Flying Willy on his "Glide".
Clive on Vinny's bike, Howard on Yvette's.

Mac Guy I think.
Mark and Grandaugter
Ice Cream
Brillo and Deb. This is just before Brillo discovers his keys are locked inside his Corvette -)

Brown Trout checks out VSP's Beemer... nice bike!

The morning crowd in the Kaw Pasture.

Susan rode in all the way from Florida..this is her VROC Nic name!

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