Sunday, May 30, 2010

Visiting at the motel.

Sammy, Waitress, Mark and Elyse

The waitress volunteered to take our picture

Stuffed Chicken Genovese. Came with garlic bread and pasta with marinara sauce

Everyone ate pretty heavy tonight

Elyse's Elfreda with chicken Parmesan

Full and happy diners

Mark suggested we take this picture for Jim Ayers!

Night is falling over Moab

McStiff's Center

Walking for Ice Cream

We settled on this place

Several decorated skulls. This one was covered with a snake skin. One next to it was covered with pearls.

Kokopelli was entertaining us with his flute

End of the day, he's riding off into the sunset..........................

They're here! Skid and Sandy, Malachi and Yvette, his son Vinny and girlfriend Sammy, Mark Hicks and granddaughter Elysa and me..10 vroc'er taking over the motel!

Waiting.................there are 15 tables under this shady cotton woods in front of our motel. And only 9 or 10 vroc'ers will be there to use them. I found I get a much better WiFi signal out here than in the room, since we're on the very end of the motel. Nice room though, plenty large. And cool inside. It's only 90 now, and will cool off to 67 tonight. The "Gang" will be here any minute, it's getting close to 6 PM here in the Canyon Country.
Small rock along Hwy 6 in Utah.

Roads like this is why I own a DR650! Wish I had it today...

Swooping down into the canyon.. The Price River is at the bottom. Actually, it's sort of a brown river, and almost at flood stage.

On a hill outside of Price, UT. Someone built a Mother-in-law addition.

Just too many of these closed up businesses.

Pearl Yellow and Brilliant Blue Metallic. I've only seen it a couple of time in the sun since I've owned it (almost a month)

Older than Dirt..the new Moab logo of the year...

When I first started going through here, you never saw anything about Kokopelli. Now, the little guy is everywhere!

The place Karen, Preston, and I had too much Iced Tea after climbing up to the big Arch in the park. No one told us there was a way to ride up there..anyway, Karen and I almost got sick, Preston was smart enough not to drink too much.

One of the older places. Every year there are more and more new places to eat, gift shops, and out doors clothing and equipment.

I had breakfast here last June on the way to the Kentucky Rally (yeah I know, a little out of the way:-) Stopped for lunch to kill some time waiting for the motel room to be ready to check into.

The Kokopelli store across the street still sends me e-mails every week, that's been going on for several years. I was fortunate to 1. find a parking place, and 2. have some shade. It's 96 degrees out right now. Many of the business have "misters" that put out a light fine spray to keep the side walks cool..very cool! :-). The rest of "The gang" of today will be arriving around 4 PM. Hope they all like the motel I picked out..busy town. Motels are full or very expensive.

June 6th, 2010. 1st day out, this is on Hwy 140 in the lower corner of South East Oregon. High Desert. Dodged Thunderstorms all day, only had a few drops. Spent the night in Winnemucca, NV.

This is a "Holy Mountain" on I-80. See, there are 4 holes in it!

I took the business loop through Well, NV. What a shame! It's turning into a Ghost Town...looks like the Red Lady Saloon was one of the last to close.

Probably a very popular place back in "the day"

Another one closed.

Building are just falling down.

Good memories from here! Another 4 months, and Guy will be back here attempting to set yet another record. I think SCP has 10 or 11 Land Speed records (in separate classes) now.

This is the intersection where I pulled off I-15 in Lehi, UT. This is still a working mill. Utemike told me this Lehi Roller Mill is where Flashdance was filmed. I found the Super 8, but it turned out I'd made reservations for the Days Inn...fortunately, they were only about a half mile apart. Starting tomorrow, I should have some motorcycle and people pictures to put up..have to get off to a slow start :-)

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