Sunday, June 13, 2010

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VTP Don, with Mar and Sandy.

Almost Hoo Doos in the morning sun.

The Parry doesn't have the free breakfast any more, but offers a nice little buffet for $6. Nice variety, and they have WiFi in the dining room, so Skid was able to catch up.

A valley with some politicians in it.

And some cattle and horses...

Cute little Burros..or, maybe small mules.

Rock formation behind a Rest Stop we used.

Most excellent place to eat in Salida, UT

Daily special, a Prime Rib sandwich.

A Utah Scone. Blob of dough dropped into hot grease. Served with Honey Butter and Strawberry jam! A diabetics dream.

Sandy checking out the grounds at our motel in Delta. That's a nice Mexican Restaurant in the background.

There is a nice pool and a wading area for some of the shorter folks. No hot tub though.

Cranky and and Sandy. Don left as soon as we got to the motel to check out a museum and the area of another internment camp. It was 15 miles out of town, we were too tired to go out again right now.

Pretty landscaping at the motel.

Denny's Wigwam. A well know gift shop in Kanab, UT.

Parry's Lodge, lots of VROC'ers will remember this sign when it said "Welcome VROC". Jack and Barb Foree hosted the Red Rock Rally here in 2005. One of the best rally's the "family" every had!

All the walls inside Houston's Trail's End Cafe are covered with Western things.

End of the Trail, a nice bronze statue.

Kanab is full of nice tourist attractions.

Lots of good memories from here, including Fly complaining that the Country Gravy was too brown. :-)

Cranky is in the Barbara Stanwyck room.

The Barn, where the VROC dinner and entertainment was held. They have free movies in here every night. Every one they show was filmed here in Kanab, and most of the actors stayed here at the motel. We're in the Ed Faulkner room tonight.

The grounds are well maintained.

Bathroom area.

Wall mounted flat screen HD TV is nice.

Two Queen beds, with very nice linens and blankets.

Back to Cortez. The Rodeo here is one on the many leading up to the National Finals in Las Vegas. Lots of cowboys and support people staying at the Super 8 with us. We met Mrs. Honeycutt, the promoter and owner of the livestock. She was interested in the bikes and people there, a very nice lady.

Early morning wiping after a night of Thunderstorms.

Scotty, Rogue and Tom Miller are helping Susan clean her bike..Yeah, right. :-)

Skid and Sandy and I had lunch here on Saturday. Interesting place, and the food was good.

80th annual Rodeo Parade in Cortez. This is the color guard, the followed the emergency vehicles.

Rodeo Queen. Lots of pretty horses and riders!

Kirstin and Tinker at Saturday night dinner.

Steven (Rogue)

John (Slick) and Tracy (Honey) at the dinner.

Sami, Vinny, Mal, Yvette, Scott, Vickie, and Audiogaru

Jack, Tom and Randy

Big tables, too many names. I see Barb 4E, Clive, Howard and Utemile. Maybe next to them is Mike and Lisa

Barb and Elyse are the ladies on the end.

Velcro an Ken

Piper and Mary and Deb's head

John, Brian (ROK rep, and provider of the door prizes) and Teri, editor of Accelerate Magazine.

Gambler and Bubbles.

Trouble, Joel and Tony D.

Marlene, Slammer and Scotty

B from E, Eric and Solo

Carl Edwards...errrrr, no, that's Jamey T.

Mar and Maxxx, Jack, MoParMan and Mrs. Hendryx

Slammer, Scotty, VSP, and Marlene.

MoParMan, Maxxx, and their ladies.

The Brewer's Plate. It sounded better on the menu that it tasted. Although Slammer has the same thing and liked it a lot. I think over 15 bucks for sauerkraut and wienies was a little much.

This was the place for the Saturday night dinner.

3 Rented Harley's pull into the Super 8. Because of all the cancellations we had, there were a few extra rooms.. But they filled every night. And, everyone except us was paying "rodeo weekend" prices, which were a LOT more than the price that Bucky arranged for us.

It was getting chilly on Saturday night, so Susan dressed appropriately.

Sunday Morning. Utemike getting ready to leave in his blinding HiVis coat.

People packing up.

Sandy is riding with me today.

Skid and I doing sort of a re-enactment of the picture that was taken at the Hill Country Ride several years ago.

Tinke is broken down, and looking for a ride.

The Stealth Monkey went "dead in the water".

HUGE thanks to Mal, his trailer, and Sami's jeep for getting Tinker's bike back to the Motel. Later, Tinker found the electrical problems, repaired them, and was able to get on home. Later in the day, the trailer was used again when Yvette back tracked a lot of miles to pick up Trouble's bike that broke a wheel near Mexican Hat, AZ. Today Mal's trailer was the official chase vehicle, and it sure did an outstanding job. Kudo's to Mal and Yvette, and all that helped.

Nice little tourist trap on Hwy 160

Skid wanted to stop here for lunch, but she was out voted by Sandy.

We passed a few rocks today.

The Guard Dog at Mexican Water Store.

Stopped here to off load coffee and take on some soda pop.

Another Rock.

The Babies. A pretty rock formation.